One of our team members shares her breast cancer story:

10 years ago, my whole world changed. I was about to turn 40 and was feeling great, as matter of fact better than I ever felt! I was running, going to the gym, in the best shape I had ever been in, so when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, you can imagine how shocked I was! I thought how? How could the healthiest person of all my friends have breast cancer? I eat organic foods, I barely drink, I hardly ever eat meat, how? I had gone for a mammogram because I thought I had felt a lump. That lump was not cancer, it turns out my cancer was a multi focal type, NOT a lump. So I could not have surgery alone  and be done with it. I had the standard biopsy, followed by lumpectomy, and lymph node dissection which turned out to be positive. So at stage 11b with a mastectomy and chemo in my future and possible radiation, I set off on my cancer journey. I had my left breast mastectomy with chemo before my 40th birthday. I celebrated my day sick, bald and heavier than I have ever been, thanks to the steroids that go along with chemo! However I did get through that terrible time, just like many women before me, and sadly, many to follow. When I heard that Hear MD was teaming up with Oticon to support Breast Cancer Awareness month by donating proceeds to the National Breast Cancer Coalition with every sale of Opn hearing aids, I had to share my story. It is so important to me that we find a cure and end Breast Cancer! The National Breast Cancer Foundation set a date to end breast cancer and find a cure by 2020. So if Advanced ENT/HearMD can help the cause, I say let’s do it!