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Hearing Aids

HearMD is the premier source for hearing aids in New Jersey!

Today’s digital hearing aids are more than just amplifiers. They offer many advanced features to choose from that will assist you in hearing better. Digital hearing aids are more like small computers than amplifiers. They use a small digital circuit to raise the volume of what you hear and are they are very precise at replicating the sound. Less distortion is introduced than with past hearing aid amplifiers which results in a clearer more acceptable sound.

Some of the other advantages of today’s digital hearing aids are:

  • Smaller, more comfortable and attractively designed. The size and style which is appropriate for you will depend on a variety of factors such as your degree of hearing loss, physical anatomy and dexterity. Your hearing professional will help you determine this. Please click on this link for more information.
  • Improved overall sound quality for varied incoming signal levels.
  • Programmable to fit each individual’s hearing loss.
  • Better at discriminating the sounds that you do not want to hear versus what you do want to hear. Their ability to sharpen their focus on what you want to hear varies depending on the level of digital technology that you choose. See the below for more information on digital hearing aid technology level descriptions.
  • Sophisticated noise reduction features are available in most digital hearing aids.
  • Feedback (whistling) is less of an issue with advanced digital feedback suppression systems built into the hearing aids.

Levels of Digital Hearing Aid Technology

Various levels of hearing aid technology are available depending on the individual needs of the listener.

There are basic hearing aids for those who spend most of their time in a quiet environment such as at home watching TV, talking on the phone or having a quiet, one-on-one conversations.

Next, there are more advanced level hearing aids for the moderately active person who needs assistance not only at home but who also frequently finds themselves in moderately noisy situations such as places of business, social gatherings and dining out in restaurants.

Finally, there are premium level hearing aids for the very active person who needs assistance in all areas such as:

  • At home
  • Using the phone
  • Watching TV
  • At places of business
  • In crowds and public places
  • At restaurants and social events
  • Listening to music

This level offers the very best in digital features and technology.

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