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Hearing Aids South Jersey

If you are experiencing hearing loss, it’s possible you could benefit from hearing aids. Today’s hearing aids are smaller and more feature-packed than their predecessors, offering an array of options. With so many choices, there are important things you should take into consideration before choosing hearing aids.

First, you’ll need to have an audiologist assess your hearing loss. Severity is measured in degrees, based upon your hearing loss range in decibels. It ranges from normal (-10 to 15 dB) to profound (91+ dB), with a total of seven different degrees. Click here to learn more about our qualified audiologist team.

Equally important is the frequency of your hearing loss. Conductive hearing loss resulting from damage to the outer or middle ear typically affects low frequency (or bass) sounds. Sensorineural hearing loss, in which damage occurs to the inner ear, typically results in a loss of high frequency (or treble) sounds. You’ll need to choose hearings aid that targets the frequencies you have trouble comprehending.

Hearing aids come in various levels of technology. It is important to remember that not all hearing aids do the same thing. While no hearing aid eliminates background noise, some are better than others at helping to keep background from being overwhelming. To determine which technologies will work best for you, speak with your audiologist about the pros and cons of each level of technology, as well as your lifestyle needs. Whether you enjoy quiet, intimate gatherings with a few close friends or an active lifestyle that includes a lot of background noise, there is a hearing aid designed specifically for your activity level.

Cosmetic preference is also a key factor in choosing a hearing aid. Since you’ll be wearing it every day, it needs to not only feel good but appeal to your confidence. Hearing aids are available in a variety of sizes and styles, and most styles fit discreetly behind and/or in the ear. When choosing a style of hearing aid, it is important to take the following into consideration: manual dexterity, arm/shoulder mobility, visual acuity, and size and shape of your ear canals. Your audiologist will assess those issues and help you choose a style that is just right for you.

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