Summer is now in full swing which often means more time outside, maybe even spending your Saturday doing yard work. While a chore like mowing the lawn may seem common and harmless, the loud sounds produced by a lawn mower can be dangerous to your ears and should not be taken lightly.

Sound is measured in decibels. Anything over 85 dB (like heavy traffic) can cause damage after eight hours. Sounds over 100 dB (like a motorcycle or loud speakers) can cause damage after 15 minutes. And sounds over 120 dB (a jackhammer) can cause immediate damage.

A gas-powered lawn mower clocks in around 100 dB. If you use this tool for longer than 15 minutes without any hearing protection, you could permanently damage your hearing. While it would be easy to let your grass grow out of control, or pay for a lawn mowing service, there is a very simple solution. Earplugs.

Disposable earplugs made of foam or silicone are readily available and can help you block the potentially damaging loud sounds. Custom ear protection crafted from ear-molds will perfectly fit the unique contours of your ears, guaranteeing a snug, proper fit and dependable protection. If you plan to keep up your curb appeal and mow your lawn regularly, be sure to protect your ears to ensure you hear every compliment your lawn attracts.

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