Did you know that decades of research suggest a link between hearing and heart health? The auditory system needs an oxygen-rich blood supply to function properly and if cardiovascular health is decreased, this may negatively affect the way you hear sounds and understand speech.  Some research also suggests that hearing loss may even be a sign of early cardiovascular disease (Raymond H. Hull and Stacy R. Kerschen, “The Influence of Cardiovascular Health on Peripheral and Central Auditory Function in Adults: A Research Review”, American Journal of Audiology, June 2010, Vol. 19, 9-16).

Here’s a list taken directly from www.betterhearing.org “Your Heart and Ears Have a Lot in Common. Love Them Both During American Heart Month”.

5 Random Things Your Heart and Hearing Have in Common:

  1. Someone with heart disease is at a higher risk of depression—and someone with unaddressed hearing loss is at a higher risk of depression. But BHI research shows that people with hearing loss who use hearing aids are more likely to be optimistic and feel engaged in life.
  2. Exercise is good for your heart—and exercise is good for your ears. One study found that a higher level of physical activity is associated with a lower risk of hearing loss in women.
  3. Smoking hurts your heart—and it’s really bad for your ears too. Research shows that both smokers and passive smokers are more likely to suffer hearing loss.
  4. Your heart and ears love omega-3 fatty acids. Research found that regular fish consumption and higher intake of long-chain omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids are associated with a lower risk of hearing loss in women.
  5. Obesity puts people at risk for heart disease—and it affects hearing function. A number of studies show a link between obesity and hearing loss. One looked at women (18 to 40 years old) and found a link. Another uncovered a connection between higher BMI and a larger waist circumference, and hearing loss in women.

So take both your heart health and your hearing health seriously.  If you have any hearing health questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.