Do you struggle with your hearing loss at work? There are approximately 48 million people who struggle with some degree of hearing loss. Over half of those people are working or pursuing their education. Along with wearing your hearing aids if you have them, here are some tips to help you maximize your hearing ability at work.

  1. Be organized and prepared. Hearing loss and work can cause additional stress for fear of missing important information. Being prepared ahead of time for work and meetings is helpful. Sometimes you can even request a written agenda for meetings ahead of time so that you may follow along easier. Also, when sitting down for a meeting, learn to place yourself as close to and in front of the person you want to hear the best at the meeting.
  2. Request a quiet work space or office. An ideal work space would be away from noisy areas such as reception areas, break rooms and copier rooms. A quieter work space will allow you to work with less distractions. It will also allow hearing better when having face-to-face or telephone conversations.
  3. Educate your co-workers. Educate your co-workers and supervisor how they can help you. For instance, ask if meeting spaces can be set up so that the attendees sit in a circle, not rows so that you can see people as they speak. After the meeting, ask that meeting notes be shared with you.
  4. Advocate for yourself. Be familiar with the Americans with Disabilities Act that requires employers to make reasonable accommodations for you so that you can perform your job to the best of your ability. There are tools and devices that can make your job easier. Examples of these devices include amplified phones, captioned phones and assistive listening devices that can be used in conjunction with some hearing aids. Ask a HearMD hearing professional for information about these devices.

We hope these tips will help you in the workplace. You can always find out more information about hearing loss here on our HearMD Blog, on our HearMD Facebook page and at If you are experiencing hearing loss and would like to have a complete hearing evaluation, please do not hesitate to contact HearMD at (856) 602-4200 for an appointment. We would be happy to assist you on your journey towards better hearing for better living.

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