The time has come for you or your family member to get hearing aids. You are ready to move forward. The important connection with people you care about and the world at-large is about to get better. So, how do you make the decision about where to go next? At HearMD, in association with Advanced ENT, we don’t just sell hearing aids. We are a caring team of audiologists, hearing aid dispensers, and physicians who support you with an accurate diagnosis, vital information and the latest in advanced hearing aid technology. We focus on an individual’s hearing healthcare needs and provide a support system that doesn’t disappear – it continues and evolves as hearing health needs change over time.

It Takes a Team of Experts and You

The nature of hearing loss, the extent/degree of the hearing loss, the medical impact it has and the effect it has on other aspects of health and lifestyle all need to be taken into consideration when a hearing health care plan is created. It is much more than simply choosing hearing aids. Although it can seem complicated, it does not need to be overwhelming. That is why it is so important to have a team of hearing healthcare experts behind you to ensure that you are offered the best choices and to guide you when you have questions or concerns in the years to follow.

A Focus on Health, Not Sales

Big-box retailers want you to believe all a person really needs is the “latest and greatest” in hearing aids, and that they can provide that at a deep discount. These retail outlets see hearing aids as a commodity and sell in volume. Often, little quality follow-up support is offered. It takes time and the assistance of well-educated providers to give the individualized and specific support you need. It takes knowledge and skill to fit them properly. The actual fitting and adjustment of the hearing aids is just as important as the quality of the hearing aids themselves. That is why choosing an experienced, well-informed hearing healthcare professional like those at HearMD is crucial to a successful hearing aid fitting. The motivation of our HearMD staff is to provide you with the best solutions for your hearing health and to improve quality of life through better hearing. You can trust that we have your best interests at heart.

Also, even though the box-bog retailers sell some of the same hearing aid brands as we do, they are sometimes not the exact same products but are products made specifically for the big box retailers and are not the very “latest” technology or models as they would like you to believe. In addition, if an ear-related medical issue is discovered during the initial hearing evaluation, they do not have medical professionals on staff as we do at Advanced ENT/HearMD and will refer you back to your primary care physician or to an ENT practice like ours before fitting a hearing aids or will they have you sign a waiver of medical clearance.

What Now?

Please contact our audiology department at (856) 602-4200 to schedule an appointment. If you have not had your hearing evaluated, that is the first step in the process. If you have had your hearing tested within the last 6 months at one of our offices, you will be scheduled for a hearing aid evaluation appointment. At the hearing aid evaluation appointment, we will discuss your hearing needs, your lifestyle (e.g. what activities you do on a regular basis and where you find you are having the most difficulty hearing) and how we can best address those needs with hearing aids and/or assistive listening devices. An array of treatment options and pricing will be discussed so that we can ensure you are getting exactly what you need. We will be here to support and guide you in those decisions. We want to make sure that you are getting the best hearing healthcare and hearing aids possible to ensure you have better hearing for better living.